existentialm (existentialm) wrote in buckycap,

[Fic] Ready To Comply

Pairing: The Winter Soldier x Reader

Words: 4536

Warnings: slightly angsty, swearing, explicit smut, dubious consent (read it ‘til the end though - trust me), some fighting, basically porn with a plot.

A/N: Just to give context, this story takes place at The Red Room in the 1960s so our wonderful Bucky cognitively only knows he is The Winter Soldier. You, my dear reader, are in the Black Widow program, and not too happy about it. Italics indicate thoughts or flashbacks. I don’t know what else to say. I’m trash.

Summary: An encounter that she was never meant to experience. Ten words that she should never have uttered. A feeling that consumed her in ways she never thought possible. [Y/N] always played with fire, but she never knew how good it would feel to burn.

Find it on tumblr/AO3.
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